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Hang in there, then rappel down; use the noose.

Hang tough; that’s enough.

Hang on by your fingernails, involve your toenails too.

Hung up; hang on.

Hang on every word; chew on every perspective; digest every good angle.

If you get hung out to dry, rehydrate.

Hang on to it to get the hang of it.

You may hang up your boots, but keep your flip flops.

Hung up; don’t look down.

To calm is to cope

To cope don’t mope.

To cope, hope.

Panic comes in waves; coping surfs to a sandy shore.

Coping keeps going.

A home’s is a refuge; a bed is a sanctuary.

Over-process; over-suffer.

The good life requires grit — and gratitude.

The mind and heart must both collude to have a shot at quietude.

Sovereignty isn’t the best policy.

A change in policy may blot out inequality.

The policies of the elite are the tank treads on top of the oppressed.

A policy is a leash: a law is a lash.

Policy — it pulverizes or protects.

Beyond policy lies wisdom.

Best policies value people.

A policy is a decision that makes a million other decisions.

The application of policy tests the tenacity of consistency.

Narratology is the proud mother of policy.

Comradely is the best policy.

Treatment lacks in discretement.

To book a colonoscopy is brave; to actually go to one shows a stunning lack of self-regard.

Treatment — it is a salient reminder that we are not independent.

Sew up wounds — sooth minds.

Heroic medicine has two heroes — the practitioner, the victim.

The wise seek treatment; the very wise know when to stop.

A pill is a remedy that treats one symptom and causes another.

To go to a hospital is to surrender control; to not go is the same event.

Our minds decide what is therapeutic.

The hunt drives the world.

The treasure in you is greater than the treasure that is in the world.

Pan gold — start inside.

Neighbors are treasure; love is the map.

Seek and you will reap.

Thoughts are loot, concepts a hoot.

All thieves maintain laws against stealing from themselves.

Treasure is trauma.

Become a pirate; board your own ship; demand booty.

Free climb light; pack insight.

Plunder all awareness with all kindness.

At the edge of the ocean we find ourselves at home.

Great stars rule the sky; small dots the human eye.

Build a guest room inside yourself; make it large.

We crave what is big because we are so small.

Big may fetter better.

Less is more — more or less.

Insecure hearts demand leading parts.

Excess dons sad, enough puts on plaid.

Lots of stuff; less of us.

Social boutique — each one unique.

Smelt shame; forge an abuser.

Low self-worth is a Petri dish; in it abuse is populated.

Silence misuses; verbosity abuses.

Abstruse, aloof, obtuse — abuse.

The abused abuse.

Jealousy is obtuse; envy leads to abuse.

Abused-abuse is no excuse.

End self-centeredness; stop abuse.

War; mass abuse.

To become powerful without abusing someone is a rare act of sheer genius.

Play with fire — not volcanoes.

Stationary relationary; the lithosphere is here and there.

Even the volcanologist bows to Vulcan.

Dance in the caldera; surf on the pyroclastic flow.

Make a home in fire; farm a volcano.

What destroys saves.

Love is volcanic, the heart seismonic.

Wise men visit mountains; fools camp on volcanoes.

The volcanologist speaks; no one listens.

Jealousy is composed of magma, envy of volatiles.

Two things are molten: the earth, its angry paragons.

Breathe ash, eat fire, drink lava.

It’s over when the referee says it’s over.

If you can’t outplay them outplan them.

Failure is success and success is someone’s failure too.

Keep swimming, occasionally change directions.

Break down; brake records.

It’s not the size of your heart that matters; it’s your cholesterol levels.

Run when you can; crawl when you can’t; drag your sorry corpse a little further when you must.

Missed shots miss twice: they miss the goal and they miss the potential that existed within another pass.

Don’t accept any gold medals made out of body parts.

Losing is a branch of learning.

Sport was created for people with a high capacity for failure.

It’s not whether you get knocked down that counts; it’s whether you get concussion checked afterwards.

I is a romp, champ de la stomp.

Be bold or told.

What I refuse to do with you defines who we are.

I am what I do alone; we are what we do together.

I differentiate therefore we are.

Discovering I is curative, finding we superlative.

I am never not becoming me.

I am some I’s; we tend toward lies.

We know my effect; I know my cause.

I am human, no subcategory of anyone.

I am not you; we are the same.

Amazing is your presence — after your absence.

The cosmo is boffo ergo Io and Pluto.

Humans have an astonishing potential for a profound ordinariness.

Lies are predictable and boring: it’s honesty that is astonishing.

Normal is amazing; this is known by the very sick after they recover.

The stunning twin wonders of the body — its bright eyes.

Amazing, fantastic; realistic, scholastic.

The cosmos is amazing, but the simple conveniences of home, these are truly astonishing.

Only rarely do we glimpse the extraordinary, a moment of peace, a soul quieted by love.

It is astonishing how much credit a person is capable of taking for something they didn’t accomplish.

Life’s deals, food heals.

Broccoli is the crown renown.

We should all honor food with silence, for chewing.

Rewards are mostly in heaven — except food.

My body has two galleries, and so I’m counting calories.

Eat as much as you want — under one serving.

To eat well — don’t.

What you eat, you keep.

Gluttony is the deadly sin that murders all the rest.

The invention of children led to the decline of food.

A happy meal makes a sad adult.

Food far from fine is fast.

Cut your food at your own table; cut nothing at your neighbors.

We are what we don’t eat.

The soul’s best entree is silence; its favorite dessert, talk.

A theory is a flashlight; proven, it is the sun.

Light makes right not might.

The sunny side of life is always up.

Dance with the moon, hug the stars, kiss the sun, marry the light.

Four great things may be hidden: the sun, the moon, the stars and the truth.

Cheerfulness is a candle, enthusiasm a bonfire, hope the sun.

God took lessons from Vermeer — after providing him with materials.

Hold the hand of the child afraid of the dark and the adult afraid of the light.

Warmongers avoid light; peacemakers run into it.

Faith is a tiny boat in a thrashing sea sailing toward a shinning opening in a stormy sky.

The fire astounds, the sun amazes, but the truth — it bores us.

Love yourself; not too much.

Self-esteem in the extreme may turn into mean.

You already love yourself in that you feed, shelter and cloth yourself; love others just like that.

Overly scaffolding our students may raise their self-esteem and lower their self-discernment

The self-esteem movement has raised a generation blind to their own incompetence.

Overpraise undermines.

Trellis yourself and others with love.

The foolish student wants only A’s, but wise students value being corrected.

We were once anxious to prove we were better than animals, now we are wondering if we are better than machines.

Be specific, personal, authentic and brief with compliments.

To tell someone they are a hard worker
is better than telling them they are smart; you are telling them they are in control.

Compliment when it is deserved; correct when it is timely, and remain quiet when others are revealing themselves.

To love ourselves is a baby step toward loving others.

The greatest adventure is in what lies behind what lies ahead.

The thrilling unknown lies just below the bone.

The next adventure is just one risk away.

Fools hide at home; the wise charge into the hippodrome.

The good are always traveling into the dangerous terrain of the other.

Adventure lies on the other side of obedience.

The ultimate adventure begins when we sit still, fold our hands and close our eyes.

The wildest ride begins where control ends.

Faith leaves home with bright eyes.

The thrilling hunt almost beats the heart-pounding find.

One cannot even begin to understand home until one leaves it.

When I am no longer ruled by what you think, I go over the falls and plummet into freedom.

Fear hides; love jumps into plain sight.

It is a fool’s errand to play it safe too much.