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Restful is the dove’s roosting coo; calming is good counsel.

Lovely is the young mother at peace; gorgeous is the seasoned woman at rest.

Soothing is eye-to-eye; healing is heart-to-heart.

Iridescent is the hummingbird in the sun; dazzling is the truth in public.

Warm are the lines of light streaming through shutters; glorious are the classic paradoxes.

Wonderful is the pain-free moment; truthful is the suffering second.

Good is an old building restored; great is an old life repurposed.

Glistening is the tree frog; shimmering is the fashionista.

Beautiful are two young lovers, gorgeous two old ones.

Flickering the falling rain; refreshing a gentle night’s sleep.

Radiant is justice and fairness; refulgent is the alien welcomed into the family.

Amazing the new moon; luminescent the new vision.

Bright the smile of a stranger; glittering the essence of a new idea.

Beaming the divine, carried in a song; luminous the divine — unsummoned.

To comfort the mind, comfort the body.

To comfort the body, calm the mind.

Relief needs more than brief.

Hope is a hug, fulfilled it’s is a kiss.

Erase a nightmare with a daydream.

Pain is stupefying, relief regroupifying.

Tell the suffering they are brave; tell those who feel weak that you see strength in them.

Acute suffering is loneliness; acute love is connectedness.

Relief is a soft rain; alleviation is a lovely sunrise.

Exercise, not absence, makes the heart grow stronger.

Fly kites, sail boats, fly gliders, celebrate winds.

A new person in an old system is a fresh breeze.

A politician is a wind storm; afterwards you assess the damage.

A second wind yields a first place.

Winds are like humans — they come, they go, they stay, they blow.

Wet spring winds blow in the floral bling.

The winds of change always blow the same — constant.

Throw caution to the wind, but pack your parachute anyway.

A bag of wind is popped by an inattentive ear.

Love is a warm wind.

One of the great goals of life is to live a story good enough to be retold.

Sometimes we chose our stories; sometimes they choose us.

Life is a story, told by a mystery, laden with kindness, signifying love.

Our stories are the tributaries of a great river; they converge where there is love.

A story wraps a meaning around a life.

Lives are messy; the stories told to justify them are messier.

Selfishness linearizes a story; generosity dimensionalizes it.

We restory our way to glory.

To write a good children’s story is a great accomplishments; to read one to a child is a great privilege.

We live our lives; we tell our stories; our final listeners are gracious.

The universe has a story told by the stars.

I am therefore I am.

Am in Latin is a sum, an ever changing one-plus-one.

We overrate the “am” debate.

Am is an amalgam made out of what will-come.

Love am; adore was; cherish will be.

Our existence is expressed as an irregular verb; it is lived out in an irregular fashion.

Your who-am-I is hard-to-tell.

I-am is grounded and rooted in I; I choose to turn this into a we.

I am; you are; we can.

The I-am maxim, is healed in tandem.

Nurture your nature.

To nurture your soul, nurture your body.

Nurturing lies within the art of being nonproductive.

Nurturly is creaturly.

Reading is feeding.

To nurture meekness befriend weakness.

We nurture one thing only to neglect another.

Achievement is a form of nurturement.

Nurturing lies in knowing when to begin — and when to stop.

To love is to nurture.

To nurture your soul, go outside.

It is your nature to nurture.

Fake news is booze; read it and weave.

No need to cry fake if no ones awake.

Trust is truth until there’s a tryst.

Post truth; post peace.

We read what we believe; we hear what we want; we see what we agree with.

Misinformation — predation.

Fake news puts in the screws.

Fake news is cult cool aide.

Taste transforms tidings.

Fake to fake; jape to jape.

Leaks become lore.

To calm is to cope

To cope don’t mope.

To cope, hope.

Panic comes in waves; coping surfs to a sandy shore.

Coping keeps going.

A home’s is a refuge; a bed is a sanctuary.

Over-process; over-suffer.

The good life requires grit — and gratitude.

The mind and heart must both collude to have a shot at quietude.