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No need to cry fake if no ones awake.

Fake news is booze; read it and weave.

Trust is truth until there’s a tryst.

Post truth; post peace.

We read what we believe; we hear what we want; we see what we agree with.

Misinformation — predation.

Fake news puts in the screws.

Fake news is cult cool aide.

Taste transforms tidings.

Fake to fake; jape to jape.

Leaks become lore.

To calm is to cope

To cope don’t mope.

To cope, hope.

Panic comes in waves; coping surfs to a sandy shore.

Coping keeps going.

A home’s is a refuge; a bed is a sanctuary.

Over-process; over-suffer.

The good life requires grit — and gratitude.

The mind and heart must both collude to have a shot at quietude.