Posted: November 26, 2012 in heaven
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Heaven is found in good company; hell in overcooked vegetables.

Heaven has a low door with which to bump proud heads.

Heaven is always a good deal but never on sale.

Heaven will begin with a long, healthy silence; the human voice will be conspicuously absent; then God will talk and we will listen — how unique heaven will be!

If we can’t respect earth, we won’t respect heaven.

Heaven is earth in love.

War is hell; heaven peace.

In Norse mythology, all glory ends in night; in Christianity, the night begins and ends in glory!

One truth in hades is better than two lies in paradise.

To think too much of heaven is to think too little of earth.

Hell exists in the eye of judgment; heaven in the hand of kindness.

A corner in heaven with the rowdy sinners is better than a throne in heaven with the self-righteous saints.

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