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To comfort the mind, comfort the body.

To comfort the body, calm the mind.

Relief needs more than brief.

Hope is a hug, fulfilled it’s is a kiss.

Erase a nightmare with a daydream.

Pain is stupefying, relief regroupifying.

Tell the suffering they are brave; tell those who feel weak that you see strength in them.

Acute suffering is loneliness; acute love is connectedness.

Relief is a soft rain; alleviation is a lovely sunrise.

Exercise, not absence, makes the heart grow stronger.

Relief is a plan — in hand. 

We praise big dreams; we long for relief from them. 

We are desperate for respite.

Grief is relief, relief grief. 

Ease is no breeze. 

Relief to be old, but not to be told. 

Simplify; revivify. 

To relieve, cease.

Abate; ameliorate. 

To your gluteus maximus, listen; amygdala, eavesdrop; cerebrum —  all ears.