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Think fast; choose slow. 

To choose is to change. 

Decisions — they are opinions. 

We decide and say we didn’t; we choose and say we don’t.

Decisions, recisions, then come the derisions. 

Decide — first ask. 

The one who decides for the many should remember that the many also decide for the one. 

Turmoil and roil; decide and then foil. 

Great decisions may rise out of the opportunities provided by horrible choices. 

A person is never one thing, a decision isn’t either.

As sediment turns into strata, so decisions harden.

Not deciding decides.

Not deciding puts on a straight jacket and jumps into a fast river.

Maturity owns what immaturity chose.

To whine is wine.

Action — it’s redaction.

Choose what you have.

To conquer is to destroy.

Ads thresh decisions.

Someone else may choose your fate, but you choose your response.

Dalliance is ephemeral; choosing is eternal.

To decide that there are no choices is to make a clear choice.