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Trends collect friends.

Start a band; prep a wagon.

Trends rule those they school.

Trendy is costly; at risk are the hotly.

Social proof and thinking goes poof.

The rage feeds on age.

Trends contain sudden ends.

The craze — it’s attended by haze.

Herds, flocks, droves and packs, humans move on tracks in stacks.

Buck trends; move to your own ends.

Trendy is windy.

Trendy — it’s fundy.

A popular trend; a merciful end.

Friends on spends fuel trends.

True friendy; not trendy. 

Tradition contends that all trends come to ends. 

Friends trend; true love digs in. 

The most popular thing trending — it’s spending.

Trends end; decisions decide.

Trendy strips and basks; classic covers and lasts.

An algorithm shows what’s trending, a brain chooses what’s important.