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Pride not only goes before a fall, it is a fall.

Pride is a fall from a personal call.

Pride is always looking down, and so it misses what can be seen by looking up.

Thinking too much of self can make us think too little of others.

Pride is the blind sin: It can’t see that other people are thinking way less of me than I am.

My pride looks at you and thinks of me.

Nationalism is mass pride.

If you drop names, the people around you may want to take cover.

Being proud of not being proud is still pride.

The cure for pride — honesty or a stroke.

The proud are often feared but never loved.

Pride is thinking of yourself as better than you are; humility is thinking of yourself precisely as you are.

Old politicians, old pastors and an old business executives have this in common: the minute after you have met them, you know their resumes.