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The loud drum beat is the life of the fete.

Want loud thoughts; play loud music!

Music is the miracle oracle.

We sing together what we have lived separately.

Jazz jumps, jitters, jives, jounces and jots jubilantly.

“Getting down,” includes getting up.

Rock and roll was invented by the heart; ancient hunters crept toward their prey to a fast, primal beat within.

Music is the soul of love.

Lift up something bigger than yourself — sing.

Life’s show is tempo prestissimo.

A melody is a moxy medicine.

Music and dance began as simultaneous invention; as soon as one began to play one began to dance, and as soon as one began to dance, one began to really play.

Without music the world wouldn’t dance, and without dance there would be no weddings, and without weddings there would be no vows, and without vows, the world would fragment and end.