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The alphabet preserves our wit.

Q is rare, but Eeeeee is everywhere!

The end is ever sand; Z has replaced the &.

Zed’s not dead but Lord instead of a zzzzzillion beds!

The alphabet houses our lit and banks and vaults our holy writ.

Sound signs are the time machines that carry us back to our family waiting in the past.

Alpha bits may link us yet to all the world without a jet.

Ye letter thorn is now forlorn, but E and T now famous be.

Letters are the old railroad tracks that new knowledge travels on.

The highest high resides in Thy and not in I.

When u loves n, thankfully r loves e.

Abcdarians are seldom contrarians, but A to Z are free to be anything to you and me.

Alpha bit what zeta spit.

In five letters there is a tease, and in one less greatest of these.