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I make it my rule to practice my drool.

A mistake packs two pistols– a consequence to blow off the knee cap and a regret to shoot one in the gut.

To error is human; to forgive humane.

A mistake a day keeps arrogance at bay.

It is the same mistake, getting into conflicts with people who insist on winning and getting into driving machines with no doors.

Make not the mistake of making no mistakes.

We ache for the mistake that we didn’t make.

Sexual infidelity is not a mistake; it is always done on purpose.

Those who say there are no misakes have never been on the wrong end of one.

Peanut butter goes with jelly, and mistakesĀ go with an apology.

Practice visible, egregious, embarrassing mistakes; it raises the public’s self-esteem and promotes the general education of children.