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Patient waits ignore escapes. 

Work while you wait.

Wanting abhors a waiting.

Urgency loves an emergency. 

Never wait behind doors when you have keys. 

Abate the wait; tromp down race gates.  

Passivity — it  requires a decisive, strategic, resolute inactivity.

Thrifty downgrades nifty.

Faith out-waits harsh fate. 

We wait to be born, lollygag up the middle isle, lag down the stretch, and shuffle into the grave. 

It is a sin to be too patient.

Waiting is loitering — move, sprint, charge!

A fool fans a fool’s fumes.

Pauses murder schemes — and dreams.

The wise don’t wait; they get ready for what’s next.

Wait for others; they have waited for you.

Rushing kills; waiting heals.

Wise waiting creates superlative finding.

Deadly demands; waiting makes plans.

Patience quiets impatience.

Music waits, between each note.

Waiting afford such sweet opportunity for musing.

Lawlessness rushes hate; justice retains the wait.

The addict must wait for forgiveness.

God waits most.