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Opposites attack.

The evil eye is a road block, the listening ear a six-lane highway.

When two want the same want, both want.

The sword that wounds is not the scalpel that heals.

Conflict is normal; what makes it dangerous is hostility.

There is a cruel cut in apology’s harsh “but.”

A high motivation doesn’t justify a low blow.

Domination ends equality’s wins.

The volcano in your front yard wakes one day and drives you from your home, so too relationships morph.

What may never be resolved may still be forgiven.

Too much silence is like too many words — it buries you.

A quiet moment can calm a loud thought.

The offended must run from the melting core of the radiated past through the open door of the renewing future.

We apologize for the lesser to hide the greater.

A difficult in-law is not a problem to be solved but a person to be loved.

The four deadly horsemen of unresolved conflict are fear, hatred, dishonesty and silence.

The greater the dose the sicker the host.