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War begins and ends with want.

War rides hard on two great myths: our righteousness and their depravity.

Killing is a rush, slaughter a fix, massacre a high.

War is maim and shame.

Violence for violence ends in complete silence.

To destroy to protect is completely suspect.

The rich war with poor gore.

War culture ends culture.

The moral certainty of the state collapses when the atrocities are exhumed.

Coming off war gives one the shakes, the sweats, nightmares and a compulsive need for another hit.

To war is to marshal plan and order and symmetry to reduce a counterpart to disarray, chaos and fragmentation.

War-like men are preschool kin, living the life of hit and win.

War begins in the heart and ends in the grave.

Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall inherit pretty much everything.

Only love heals us of war.