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When salt first kissed sugar the tongue swooned.

Brewing coffee, sizzling bacon and baking bread seduced the nose and ruined her morals.

Lips taste precisely like love.

The good life is a high thread count.

The warmest fire is others.

Three things are good, four even better — thick cat fur between the fingers, soft slippers around the toes, a warm cap on a cold day and your hand in mine forever.

Good hair is always in love with shrimp.

Warm skin adores a cool breeze.

Eyes that look, ears that hear and tongue that tastes   — the  espresso machine has ruled them all.

A hot shower does good like a medicine.

Nothing heals like close.

Pain seems to be harming when it is most protecting.

Music kisses the ears, caresses the brain and courts the heart.

Touch banishes neglect.

The sound of the door opening at the end of the day is the sound of love, loyalty and faithfulness.