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Human trumps gender.

Gender is the identity of wonder.

Around the glow of gender’s fire, spins galaxies of hot desire.

God invented the man for practice, then he invented the women.

Gender becomes most obvious when we are naked, pregnant or shopping.

The tendency to dominate isn’t a gender trait; it’s a human trait.

Men keep women in their place for fear that they will lose theirs.

Blessed are the male chauvinists, for they will inherit all of the inclusiveness, open mindedness and sensitivity of themselves.

When men and women are in the presence of other attractive men and women, they do not find themselves thinking about similarities.

Unblessed are the feminists if they inherit the dominating, oppressive, brutal and violent tendencies of men.

I heard the voice of God once; it sounded strangely like my wife’s.

When women play professional football and nearly naked men are the cheerleaders, then we’ll know things have changed.

The differences between men and women are mostly similar.

The first women to play in the NFL will receive unwanted attention and wanted compensation.

Having a baby is harder on men than women; men have to drive to the hospital, count, listen to yelling and miss the game.

We, men, are better than women; we are better at becoming completely delusions concerning our attractiveness as we age.

That men are rational and women emotional is the fairy tale made up by men and women who are afraid of themselves.

Everytime a popular book about gender differences is published nuanced thinking goes out the window again.

Replace all fear with all love.

Militancy polarizes; fear ogrizes.

It is okay for us to disagree; it is not okay for us to harm.

Our sexual preferences may differ; our pursuit of understanding should not.

No one chooses to be rejected, and no one should be.

Our common identity transends our differing sexuality.

If you don’t know someone gay then what does that say?

When someone is different there is an opportunity to begin to understand.

To judge others is to judge ourselves.

What is missing from most discussions about sexuality is the acknowledgment of our pain over it.

No sexual orientation does away with the need for listening to each other.