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A dog can easily learn to beg; a human being may find it almost impossible to learn to stop.

In the rubble of every disaster wanders a child in need of a beggar.

Beg often; ask to be made more generous.

In an unjust world, not begging on behalf of the starving is inappropriate.

Everyone begs; not everyone admits it.

At the end of begging lies the beginning of responsibility.

Con men always beg with the same lie; they only need enough to …

A beggar will give you the shirt off his back, and then beg for another.

Asking becomes begging  —  the third time.

Responsibility begs for proximity to poverty.

Only braggarts best beggars at begging.

Begging is not nothing asking someone for something; it is someone asking someone for some.

To beg is to confess to powerlessness; to give is to validate it.