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Water is the world.

The three simple wonders of the earth are ice, water and steam.  

Rain, snow and dew renew the earth, and faith, hope and love renew the soul.

Want fun? Find water and get skis, surf boards, sail boards, paddle boards, canoes,  motor boats and yachts.

Live large cheaply —  dark chocolate, loud music and  a hot shower.

We are born in a puddle and we die in a desert.

The moon and the heart are wave machines; we rise high or fall low from without and within.

Humans sixty per cent, the earth’s surface 70 per cent, an apple  84 per cent, our lungs ninety per cent —  life has survived almost drowning.  

Baptism and tsunamis have this in common — death followed by life.

The turquoise ice bergs in Glacier Bay, three foot waves at Sunset cliffs, a glitter path at Copacabana — the watery gifts pile up like presents under the tree.

A glass of water with lemon, sugar and ice on a hot, dry day — God has made it possible for what is essential to be  easily turned into a what is pleasurable.

Water is one of the most destructive and yet productive elements on earth — the tsunami and the lights.

The ancient world was won on the water, the modern in the air, the post-modern in cyberspace.

The aquifer waters the fields and the spirit waters creativity — for those with a mind to drill.