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Posted: February 21, 2011 in judgment
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Rules are a relational ruse; pound them, you will cook your goose.

Nag and pick, poke and demand, you’ll make the final judgment bland.

The! — “Meh.”

Our prejudices limit our pleasures.

Those who most pound the rules are those who most often break them.

Unfinished stories deserve unfinished judgments.

Political culture, dove or vulture.

We all exist in a state of subnormality; your version won’t fix that.

Gentle words hint not at the furious battle within which made those words gentle.

Judge nothing; decern everything.

The exception to a rule doesn’t begin a new one.

Experts are only for the secure.

Racism is an attachment disorder.

Our soteriology should always trump our morality.

A hug is an antevenom for judgment.