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The mind is a madhouse; it can be quieted by a TV.

A great mind has a will; a weak mind has a wish.

There is no shame in a mind that wears out, only in one that wears in.

A good marriage is of two minds and one heart.

There are no empty minds to fill, only full minds to unpack, sort and restock.

The mind is malleable, the soul assailable.

Eat your peas, mind your cues; swallow your retorts, obey your “I do’s.”

A foolish mind retains the inconsistency of a small hobgoblin.

Grief teaches the mind to let go, joy to hang on.

The mind’s “I” guides the mind’s “Why?”

We cut the fabric of the mind along the bias that we find.

The average mind speaks of “was,” the good mind of “will be,” the great mind of “is.”