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Spear-din and slaughter-dew, old as old and new as new.

The battle-blade in hell was made, but earth knows how to make a plough.

Battle-grim, dragon-din, safe-world win.

Shepherds-of-evil are sword-hungry medieval.

Gold-friends have dirt ends.

Every bomb’s a melting blade, every man’s a certain fade.

Wielder-of-wonder throws rain and throws thunder.

Stone bright, stone bright, we stone our neighbors, dark with right.

The bold life won is too soon done.

The sky candle loves not the warring-vandal.

A bone-house, our sin-flecked world, brave-saved.

Sword sleep won’t keep; there’s so much more than gore and snore.

Like the wave-floater plying the whale-road, so the Wielder-of-All, safe-sloughs the storm-swashed soul.

The wise word-hoarder is the brave realm warder.

The golden torque is lots of work.