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To get your way too much is way too much for the rest of us.

Money can’t buy you love, but it can make you obnoxious.

A celebrity is an average person on steroids.

Defeat your vice; be famous to your wife.

The passion to be famous has inspired many people to become adequate.

A simple endearment is better than a big name.

The punishment for being famous is in what you have to do to maintain it.

We make famous what we are afraid to become.

Celebrity worship is disappointment’s analgesic.

To be a celebrity is to be a freak – freakishly beautiful, freakishly talented or freakishly smart.

Everyone is a celebrity to one.

Celebrities are the known unknown.

A fortune pleases a celeb, but the wise are content with what they have.

Talent isn’t enough; one also needs a guy who knows a guy.