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It’s a sin to be humorless.

Humor crashes the party, and gets invited back to dinner.

The funniest is the most serious not taken seriously.

Humor assassinates the murk and escapes with a smirk.

Wit splits hairs with humor’s wares.

The guffaw was born in the pause.

Humor’s couth resells the truth.

Disambiguation’s toot is a hoot.

Mix demotic, academic, and slang — stir and laugh.

Funny wins, in backrooms.

The  droll remark may not get the big guffaw, but it leaves the neurons of the astute silently shaking.

Laughter not only has the last word, it is the last word.

When hyperbole is on a roll, we fall out of our chairs, clutch our stomachs and beg her to stop.

Jokes turn back at the border.

Sounds are funnier than words.

The funny guy gets the serious girl.