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Virtue is out of fashion, as it always has been.

Virtue is inwardly or nothingly.

The most virtuous don’t try.

Let virtue besmirch you, but let love totally trash you. 

Virtue and vice in everything nice.

Virtue that is tractable wins more than social capital.

Punctuality is not a virtue; the virtue is in texting ahead.

Virtue will search you, but love will give you a police escort home.

The pursuit of happiness may obliterate virtue, but misery has the power to fashion a total moral fiend. 

 It is the nature of our species to traffic in virtual virtues while blithely ignoring horrific injustices.   

Virtue is its own punishment, and reward. 

Virtue — it’s vague as a word, dangerous as a principle, vicious when attacked and salutary acted out.

Anyone who says they mistrust virtue is deceived; virtue is exactly what we trust the most. 

Virtue does not always appear to adhere to — itself.