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Transparent — not inherent. 

We are all just fine as long as we all just keep lying.

Much of what we don’t know about others we don’t want to.

Transparency concerning weakness is stickum; concerning hardship, glue; failure, cement.

Openness is built on the back of trust; it is carried forward on shoulders of loyalty.

All scams begin with transparency; they end with sincere assurances.

Chosen, open; broken, frozen.

Do anything to avoid being an object of concern — hide, dissemble, prevaricate, then lie.  

When you make mistakes be transparent, but when you win awards put up a adamantine, opaque, bullet proof wall. 

We are only as transparent as we are honest. 

Transparency saddles up vocabulary; rides on syntax and falls into a hole dug by pragmatics. 

Transparency is primarily, inherently deterrently.