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If people weren’t so bored then bad news wouldn’t be so popular.

It takes fate, or it takes hate, to make the evening news of late.

The best life is found in being so busy making news that you don’t have time to read it.

The scoop’s a dupe, the piece a fleece and yet the truth is told.

Good anchors report with bedrock integrity, the worst drag the mucky bottom for celebrity.

Soldiers lead reporters to battle — rattle, prattle, chattel, cattle.

News is what we are told; interpretation is what we tell ourselves.

Purveyors of news respect no tombs; they lug all guts into all living rooms.

The world is 186,000 events per second; a reporter is a butterfly net.

As the divorcee packs a rant so the reporter packs a slant.

What’s trending; it’s bending.

News is expensive, but the truth will cost you your life.

No news isn’t good news; it’s terrifying!