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We are the highest ranking officers of our least successful choices.

The pet lion will one day eat its owner, so too a bad choice will one day swallow what feeds it.

The just man with an invisibility cloak will still be just when he is invisible.

A weed is invisible among a thousand flowers.

Between us is a ditch that may threaten or enrich.

A baby is one-hundred thousand decisions.

HR always has a toxic waste disposal problem – what to do with the radiated workers.

The smallest choice is the biggest triumph.

Freedom is owning your good choices and not blaming others for your bad ones.

Even the good heart sometimes aches for the choice that may make it break.

All you have to do to slide back down the vertical wall you are now climbing is nothing.

Talk like a crook; live like a saint.

Successful choices can make a person arrogant or thankful; it depends on who the successful thinks is responsible.