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Cut your bread thick, fill your glass high — praise!

Be perfect  — enjoy imperfection.

It is a gift to have options; boredom is increased by employing them.

Pleasure has three eyes on one face: one looking forward, one looking back and one looking in.

Enjoy life; leave every stop sign accelerating.

Dopamine isn’t Charon’s ferry; it putts to the realm of the merry.

Pleasure lies in gratefulness; the hedonist is always thanking someone.

Pain and pleasure are fraternal, like twins; sometimes they war, sometimes one wins.

The Christian hedonist is voracious — about others eating.

Extreme pleasure resides within extreme love.

We should revel in pleasures which is why we should befriend everyone.

Morality surrounds pleasure as the garden wall surrounds the garden.

I was; I am; I will be; I am happy.