To help, shut up.

Don’t yelp, help.

The truth that hurts helps.

It helps to know when helping harms.

To help, hand over the tools.

Failure aids future raids.

Helping is quite magical, taking over tragical.

Help is a wizard’s wand, but wizards don’t come from wands.

Helping showers; advising empowers.

There is the quip and the whip — or the responsibility-based relationship.

Purpose crafts a thousand circuits.

Purpose has perks; aimlessness mucks about in murk.

On purpose is a blast furnace.

To purpose is to be responsible.

All aspire to what few acquire.

Purpose stomps over the top of neglect’s chest.

To have no purpose is a personal disservice.

Endeavor forever — occasionally.

If you aim low shoot high.

Resolute litters the earth with bodies.

To make a good start, intend a good end.

The genial Ben Genius was known for his great keenliness.

Been too frank, then rethink.

A Franklin per day keeps the creditors at bay.

Frankness is next to godliness.

There are plenty of pains that offer no gains.

A national uncle — not kite and key — is history’s gift to you and me.

To counterfeit is death; authenticity is life and breath.

To avoid the penitentiary, lean toward the evidentiary.

Early to rise and late to bed, makes a man stealthy, wealthy and dead.

Love your friends for they overlook your faults.

Go slow quickly.

The news is booze.

Too newsy make us woozy.

Bad news makes a bad brood.

Inoculate yourself against news; interpret life for yourself.

The news comes with choices; reality has many voices.

The news is gored and stored for the bored horde.

We become what we believe.

We seek the worst contorted first.

We have a penchant for the negative, the editative, the sedative.

All reporters are reality contorters.

The government brews a batch of news.

Your insults expose your faults.

Political results thrive on insults.

An insult is no substitute for an apology.

Insulting someone else’s solutions is no substitute for having your own.

Molt or bolt, forego insult.

Savvy adults consult; fools insult.

Insecurity breeds insults.

Those who master the art of insults will be mastered by it.

Insults prevent consults.

The compliment flies high over the head of the insult.

Star from afar; up close, serve caviar.

Achieve — then run for your life.

Achievelessness disses the best.

Achieve, glow; reflect, row.

The flatterer loves the ear; the achiever loves the mirror.

Charm, but do no harm.

Achieve not by onslaught.

Achievers fish for believers.

To simply pursue your passion is to achieve something.

What wears the crown cracks the head.

Worth lies in birth — and mirth.

Be quiet; discover silence.

To discover a new idea reject an old one.

In reverie resides the soul’s recovery.

Debark self; voyage toward someone else.

What no one understands hovers in front of everyone.

Discovery invented jealousy.

Lovers discover others.

All mothers birth discoverers.

Every age is the age of discovery.

Find home; amble off; rush back.

Fly, walk; sigh, gawk.

It’s food-for-mood and pay-for-viewed.

Seeing isn’t understanding.

To rest well is hard work.

Fly the nest — eat, gawk, rest.

We discover ourselves in distant realms.

Visit Rome; discover home.

In foreign places we find our faces.

Be homeless — vacation.

Fashion a life you don’t have to keep getting away from.

Authentic beings have no seems.

Be or not; thrive or rot.

When we cease to love we cease to exist.

Being is a non-nixed scene.

To exist; be missed.

Existence is resistance.

See we; be.

Deem not meme as being.

Being exists beyond the screen.

Be, because; becalm, bewas.

To be kind, be quiet.

Propagate kindness; treat people like pets.

Love is an sea, kindness a bay.

Kindness is savage graciousness hacked out of relentless understanding.

Kindness kills harshness; gentleness buries it.

Kindness is a choosen blindness.

It is not kind to not confront.

Rude, crude; kind, refined.

If kind is weak then proud is meek.

Kindness is found in the pause that lingers before the response.

A quote is dope.

Quotes improve with notes.

Dote — by quote.

The desire to be quoted invented the alphabet.

To remember a quote is to gain another mind.

Proverbs are quotation suburbs.

A bad education is a ream of notes and a rucksack of quotes.

The best eulogies involve quotes.

The quotation mark was invented by tyrants; it was perpetuated by school marms.

The student research paper prevents thinking — and promotes drinking.

Decline better; die improved.

Fail greatly; succeed minutely.

Better is the highest-lowest form of good.

The uplifting quote inclines toward rote.

Traditional letters are iron-formed fetters.

Perfect is rare; a little better legionnaire.

No worse is better.

Good is better.

Many betters beat one best.

Better is mental, judgment incremental.

It’s for better — or for bitter.

Wrinkles — skin twinkles.

To age, to ache, there is no brake.

Age, no rage.

Around the last bend, the mind wends toward the end.

To age we turn the page and gaze.

The highest ability won’t hold off senility.

Dotage is a phage; juvenescence is the rage.

Age onstage.

Age knocks off some of life’s oughts.

Age in the direction of sage.

Pubescence, midescence; senescence, tranqescence.

Banish clocks, erase meridians, remove wrinkles — stop not time’s fast, hard marching rot.

Stodgy is dodgy.

Side-step no prep.

Blame is dodge ball, derision a tall wall.

Dodge little; invite spittle.

Duck the cluck.

Dodge raging; prevent aging.

“I can’t” is dodgy, “I won’t” borders splodgy.

Voting is dodging; solve your own problems.

Complaining is a dangerous dodge, cynicism a hunting lodge.

Hate is humanity’s last, desperate, cowardly dodge.

You might dodge your own humanity; you won’t dodge your own infinity.

Curiosity kindled the quip.

Quip, don’t rip.

A quip is flip, and sip and dip.

Quip in the back; mock on the rack.

Broken packs a smokin’ verbal token.

To survive, both quip and jive.

Love, quip, non-quit.

Get a grip; sarcastiquiply rip.

Quip, be flip.

Quippery’s fine drippery is frippery.

Quip for: flip more.

Those who can, flip; those who can’t, quip.

Sleep pursues the young and eludes the old.

Sleep is care’s caregiver.

Rest a therapist; dream a parodist.

Repose is a pickpocked rose.

Sleep is housekeeping for the brain, janitorial for the sane.

Sleep’s silence soothes.

To freak, try sleep!

The awake sleep hardest.

Too specific — soporific.

I sleep therefore I am.

Love your neighbors; prevent nightmares.

To push someone else is to fall on your self.

Pushing flails; shoving fails.

The first shove is always within.

Old tushies suffer the pushies.

A riff, no love is a cliff and a shove.

We close our eyes, then we push.

Post-modern divergency pushes past our certainty.

Pushing and shoving flank the unloving.

Push whoosh; shush, swoosh.

Ask questions first; shoot off your mouth later.

To heal — feel.

No one gets well alone.

The first step toward healing is to make a choice.

We never heal; we ever harm.

Reel, deal zeal, heal.

Life is a harm and a healing.

Talk is curative, squawk quite superlative.

To recover from your enemies wish them immeasurable happiness.

The zenith is personal, healing conversional.

Healing is the unique realm of the ravaged, the resilient and the resourced.

Hearts need assurances; minds need occurrences.

Souls whirred must be assured.

Humans are fragile; bacteria are agile.

Not-sure needs the talking cure.

It reoccurs a word assures.

Haute couture will eyes assure, as will demure.

The insecure heart needs a leading part.

To test is best.

Awards assure — much like manure.

The brave entrepreneur is ever semi-sure.

Tumble hard uphill.

At every end, ascend.

Live it up living it down.

Live horizontal; die vertical.

Up is a cracked cup.

Shape up none but one.

Up, down, on frown.

Knocked down; crawl up.

Up is relative, subjunctive or correlative.

Get ahead; rise from the dead.

Drag your precious corpse out of every grave someone digs for you.