Stodgy is dodgy.

Side-step no prep.

Blame is dodge ball, derision a tall wall.

Dodge little; invite the spittle.

Duck the cluck.

Dodge raging; prevent aging.

“I can’t” is dodgy, “I won’t” borders splodgy.

Voting is dodging; solve your own problems.

Complaining is a dangerous dodge, cynicism a hunting lodge.

Hate is humanity’s last, desperate, cowardly dodge.

You might dodge your own humanity; you won’t dodge your own infinity.


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Broken packs a smokin’ verbal token.

To survive, both quip and jive.

Love, quip, non-quit.

Get a grip; sarcastiquiply rip.

Quip, be flip.

Quippery’s fine drippery is frippery.

Quip for: flip more.

Sip and dip; quip, don’t rip.

Those who can, flip; those who can’t, quip.

Sleep pursues the young and eludes the old.

Sleep is care’s caregiver.

Rest a therapist; dream a parodist.

Repose is a pickpocked rose.

Sleep is housekeeping for the brain, janitorial for the sane.

Sleep’s silence soothes.

To freak, try sleep!

The awake sleep hardest.

Too specific — soporific.

I sleep therefore I am.

Love your neighbors; prevent nightmares.

To push someone is to fall down.

Pushing flails; shoving fails.

The first shove is always within.

Old tushies suffer the pushies.

A riff, no love is a cliff and a shove.

We close our eyes, then we push.

Post-modern divergency pushes past all our certainty.

Pushing and shoving flank the unloving.

Push whoosh; shush, swoosh.

Ask questions first; shoot off your mouth later.

To heal — feel.

No one gets well alone.

The first step toward healing is to make a choice.

We never heal; we ever harm.

Reel, deal zeal, heal.

Life is a harm and a healing.

Talk is curative, squawk quite superlative.

To recover from your enemies wish them immeasurable happiness.

The zenith is personal, healing conversional.

Healing is the unique realm of the ravaged, the resilient and the resourced.

Hearts need assurances; minds need occurrences.

Souls whirred must be assured.

Humans are fragile; bacteria are agile.

Not-sure needs the talking cure.

It reoccurs a word assures.

Haute couture will eyes assure, as will demure.

The insecure heart needs a leading part.

To test is best.

Awards assure — much like manure.

The brave entrepreneur is ever semi-sure.

Tumble hard uphill.

At every end, ascend.

Live it up living it down.

Live horizontal; die vertical.

Up is a cracked cup.

Shape up none but one.

Up, down, on frown.

Knocked down; crawl up.

Up is relative, subjunctive or correlative.

Get ahead; rise from the dead.

Drag your precious corpse out of every grave someone digs for you.

Every mope is fueled by hope.

A good pout has political clout.

Sulkers are pokers.

Good doubters make good pouters.

A steady optimism is best maintained by an occasional sulk.

Lucky exults; lost sulks.

At the center of every good sulk lies a core of hope.

Expectancy is the mother of dejectancy.

Morose may pack a lethal dose.

The silent treatment — it’s excrement.

Sulking is risky; it can lead to skulking which can lead to jail time.

Demagoguery has a steep topography.

A few words and a rose and a million bulldozed.

The demos are demoed, dispatched and dememoed.

Loot can buy a fancy suit; a roll can buy a Capitol.

Being sly can get you selected; a lie can get you elected.

A demagogue hates an epilogue.

A demon finds a home in a demagogue.

The electoholic are hyperbolic.

A lie is hypoxic, the truth is detoxic.

The demagogue speaks; the populace weeps.

At the edge of the ocean we find ourselves at home.

Great stars rule the sky; small dots the human eye.

Build a guest room inside yourself; make it large.

We crave what is big because we are so small.

Big may fetter better.

Less is more — more or less.

Insecure hearts demand leading parts.

Excess dons sad, enough puts on plaid.

Lots of stuff; less of us.

Social boutique — each one unique.

Tear down castles; from the rubble build bridges.

The weakest keep requires the longest leap.

A castle protects; a portcullis respects.

Castles are proof; history goes poof.

Castles prevent conversations.

Honor a castle; honor a hassle.

Tattlements are battlements.

Trebuchets are always good bets.

Boil oil, hitch pitch.

Boat the moat.

Be we.

Me and thee make we.

Yea, yo, yes we — not me.

At my core is a group; at my center is a crowd.

A constant me, me, me is social nepenthe.

Free is me not judging thee.

To be or not to be me; that is the best fun.

Autonomy is the illusion of no family tree.

My me bests my he.

To every me, me, me refuse to bow the knee.

Lazy makes crazy.

Dawdle once; lose twice.

Waste time; not mine.

Pasted is wasted.

Niffley-naffley makes lovers baffley.

Waste time; shoot your smart phone.

Hazy makes lazy.

Work hard; when the opportunity arises to do nothing, procrastinate.

Nod no niffle nor no naffle.

Surpass the ants; admit no can’ts.

Rule time; rule yourself.

Committee culture feeds the vulture.

Campaigns abet buffoons, offices baboons.

Starlings form a murmuration, precisely like a congregation.

Fear the fierce Cape buffaloes; fear more a human gang of foes.

Ape a shrewdness, stop a lewdness.

This and that, cauldron of bat.

Kill not no’s; murder no crows.

Life’s roads, a knot of toads.

You may sleep in a bed of clams, but marry someone who will talk to you.

Consortiums of political crabs love to blab, stab, grab and nab.

The richness of martens surpassed by the cottons.

Adults examine; children imagine.

Sublime exists within the mind.

It’s our glory to imagine a story.

Plod less; imagine more.

If you imagine a war, include the gore.

Imagination — no equation.

We can imagine what we can’t fathom.

Imagine is; befriend was.

Imagine reality.

Imagine yourself happy; fantasize using reality.

None know; all imagine.

Keep a secret; betray a “Quiet!”

Secrets protect; lies infect.

Keep secrets, not from yourself.

A secret ambition, a cruel oblivion.

Jealousy, an unsolved felony.

Many opennesses; a few secrets.

Fear two things: an injured envy, a cracking levee.

An arcane brain borders insane.

A secret is a privilege; betrayal a blind sacrilege.

Be you; no less.

Unperson; you’ll worsen.

Sync with yourself.

Que; not you.

A position is smaller than a person.

A sermon is a tedium, a person an Elysium.

Personages monologue; persons dialogue.

Self is a swiftly moving mark.

Roles dissolve; persons evolve.

Personages harbor persons.

Nothing in excess; some things not at all.

Excess; regress.

Gaining is losing.

Stuff your garage; waste your wealth.

There’s very little brotherly in one-thing-and-anothery.

Increasaboys neglect the joys.

Supplementors deign; eliminators gain.

The expandimonger isn’t stronger.

Material redundancy; spiritual defundity.

Addition is an affliction; one-more-thing is an addiction.

Opinions are minions.

Opinions rip on reason’s tip.

Opinions of a feather flock together.

One mind’s thought is another mind’s rot.

Opinions are what other people have.

Your thoughts inadmissible; mine are undismissable.

Opinion is a giddy thing; it sprouts in winter, dies in spring.

We remember our opinions but forget their reasons.

Rationality surfaces in the shallow waters of weak opinion.


The mind dines then grinds its rinds.

A mental jettison is medicine.

Our feelings we mind; other’s we grind.

Chuck your muck.

Waste haste.

Our values show up in our dumps.

War’s disposal is supposal.

Progress — the invention of a new disposal.

The soul we depose we dispose.

Good riddance to all hindrance.