If there are no doors go through the walls.

Every wall is a door.

Opportunity knocks on closed doors; importunity kicks them down.

Time flutters at every window; space floats in every doorway.

Every exit is an entrance.

Live well; paint doors; hang art.

At every door we abandon something.

The future is the door we haven’t yet opened.

Behind the door, all families war.

The wall, the floor, the door, the more.


The second human required the first lawsuit.

The best bargains are found just outside the worst courts.

Abort, abort — the judge doth snort.

All creativity ends in a lawsuit.

The law created the suit.

The suit gets the suite.

If you go to court, you’ll buy a suit.

The one with the most lawsuits wins.

Drag it out; chalk it up.

An incident is a grocery store; a lawsuit is a shopping cart.

The loot is moot in a just lawsuit.

When we encounter insidious maladies, we fashion tortuous cures.

Cancer is a deranged emperor giving crazed orders to a rampageous army.

Cancer crosses all motes, storms all castles.

Malignant; get indignant.

Slash the mass; chem the thing.

Fiend friend, delays the end.

Chem it; damn it; hack it; slam it.

Math it; cure it.

Cancer is an excess; hope is a norm.

The clonal bout, the charnel house, the backdoor out.

Fearful to have; terrible to witness; excruciating to treat; joyful to cure.

In the end, the only magic ammo is love.

Own blown; confess mess.

To every mess — except one — we assign a villain.

Agency makes a mess; morality fixes it.

Between our lines lie tangled vines.

Even the best pack a mess.

Stuck runs amuck.

The mess that may not be understood may nonetheless be stopped.

Ethos saves us from chaos.

A word can topple a kingdom; a line can bury it.

A hot mess beats a cold fish.

The suit gets the loot.

Out is in and inside out.

Clothes make the mood.

Dress to impress — one, not the rest.

Size does not epitomize the prize.

Classy is dressing your toes; brassy is looking straight down your nose.

Dress up; stay home; compliment yourself.

A headline can start a war; a dress can derail a civilization.

Every dress fits an occasion; every man is not one.

Dresses have power for more than an hour.

Every girl in every dress compares herself to all the rest.

Let loose, the conspicuous abstruse!

To right a wrong, go long and strong.

Monologue dog; but hog not the log.

Howl and growl with a sapient jowl!

Soliloquy suaviloquy.

Soliloquy — it’s a form of ventriloqy.

Soliloquy to school; equivoquy to fool.

Alliterate, synonybate, neologate, solilofate.

Every good soliloquy comes bearing three gifts: fine sense, bold and burr.

A good soliloquy has two arms: One carries powerful emotion, the other bears fine language.

Either/or is such a snore.

“Or’s” paddle, toward similarities.

To multiply “or” is at democracy’s core.

Either/or is a limit; it makes subtlety grimace.

“Or” is a small caliber bullet; it can destroy a family.

“Or” defines, signs, dines and whines.

First we invented demands, then we manufactured “or’s.”

“Or” loves to write — with a red pen.

Or-dom saves us from boredom.

Inclusive disjunctions make families function.

“Or” is ore — or mental gore.

In is a thin win.

To move on, move out and in.

Kin and friend, the best of in.

Left out wants let in.

Schlep it in, you’ll schlep it out.

Bin in.

Safety is best found within.

To get in, stand out.

Our need to win, hard-wired in.

Thin skin then thin within.

House your differences inside of your samenesses.

A hole drives the whole.

Holes delay; holes away.

A hole was once a sign of poverty; now it’s a sign of wealth.

War is a hole in a barrel; peace is a bung.

Wholly, Wholly, Wholly is the Lord God Almighty.

Holes vent, to an ascent.

Every hole in every psyche presents every opportunity.

A hole is a handle; a hurt is a knob.

Voids inspire visions.

An insight is a peephole; an action is a picture window.

Dash the gash.

First know, then so.

After the invention of “no,” came “so.”

So is home, no alone.

If so then go.

“So!” — it’s blow.

“So there!” — beware.

“So?” — that’s a no go.

“So!” fast, ignores the past.

So — plus as — refines like jazz.

To emphasize, refer, compare, little so is everywhere.

Defeat your oppressor; use grace — and some pressure.

What saves us is grace, from relational mace.

Humor is the highest form of grace.

Too much grace and they’ll clear out the place.

The art is grace, with a straight face.

The truth is raspy; grace quite ghastly.

Quality not grace, defines the workplace.

Grace isn’t equilibrium; it spins within declivium.

Grace lifts the place, raises the face.

There, but for the grace of God, go the successful.

Proverbs — grace shards.

All recruitment is ensuitment.

We recruit the poor to fight the war.

An all-volunteer force isn’t all, nor is it voluntary.

A strong dose of ideology, fatal to biology.

We best volunteer for what best volunteers for us.

Words create volunteers; trivia erases words.

Volunteers are often quite skilled, at not showing up.

Volunteer: “Here, here! Yes sir!”

Perfect your career, volunteer.

Serve with nerve, give back with verve.

First there was a gift, then there was a market.

The weight created confidence; the measure created fairness.

Stock market, pocket rocket.

Build community; shop at farmer’s markets, stop at lemonade stands.

Avoid harkening to affiliate marketing.

Every market hides a carcass.

Build unity; shop your community.

Beware the bot in your market.

We give charity; we shop verity.

We regulate what we can’t trust.

The great exchange is love, not goods and services.

Strangers heal us; friends leave us the way we are.

Get an education; sit at the feet of strangers.

Adventure out often; engage the most exotic person in the room.

Strange behaviors, the domain of the neighbors.

Most strange is the familiar.

Change is a common kind of strange.

Today’s stranger, tomorrow’s Park Ranger.

Insane is the strange we can’t reframe.

Relational friction is weirder than fiction.

The common perception that strangers are disinterested preserves the illusion of public safety.

Guilt is ground floor; shame is three levels down, low ceilings.

Shame gnaws on itself; it is devoured by love.

Shame is smack and emo-crack.

There is no shame in crying; there may be in not.

Innocence blushes, debauchery shushes.

Guilt by exam; shame by ”I am.”

Run and shun humiliation.

Shame is a dark cave, acceptance bright sky.

There is no gain in blame’s dark shame.

Shame is heart junk and soul gunk.

Ward off shame; keep your arms wrapped around yourself.

Records rot; memories clot.

Existence leaves its print; time erases it.

A foment makes a record; a format makes a document.

Documents get you in the door; records get you up a floor.

Birth creates a record; love makes a life.

A document is a glory; a record is a story

Documents and records ice; story, poem and novel dice.

Records cow; people awe.

Archives rule worlds.

Lives are best recorded by loves.

Once we had friends, now we have networks.

Networking is best achieved by not working.

Networks increase net worth.

To social network is skillful fret work.

Network to find a wife; unhook to keep her.

Beset to get the net mindset.

Social networking is a form of bragging — and nagging.

Networks promote shirking, also lurking, twerking and berserking.

To mingle web-mix, to tingle net-nix.

Hits are not friends; likes are not achievements.

Relax vigorously; rest strenuously.

Time calms all cares and soothes all calamities.

Upset; closet.

Voluntary quiescence, the soul’s convalescence.

Quietude is nurtured by gratitude.

Loiter quasi-semi-productively.

Quiescence has no voice; offended makes another choice.

Scale cessation; summit contentment.

Downtime is the slothful machine which churns out uptime.

Persistent sameness trends toward saneness.

Serenity sails softly within the quiet cove of similarity.

Nurture dreaminess; stay in a job you don’t like.

We most attack what we least understand.

The spared grieve; they weren’t taken.

We hurt fast and heal slow.

The attacked lack safety’s soft salvific sack.

Rejection hatches psychopaths; shame catapults them into the horror.

A long, dark story precedes every assault on the innocent.

Deadly signs lurk in troubled minds.

Discern the lack; prevent attack.

Insecurity is the persistent attack that never comes.

Insane, we maul; in vain we crawl.

Talking prevents attacking.

The need for security began with the first relationship; it will end with the last one.

Security lies in love — and encryption.

If you love it, hide it!

Everyone is made from the stolen parts of others.

The handshake was replaced by the alphabet.

No harm; no alarm.

A good name is nothing; secure biometrics, everything.

Completely secure your accounts — close them.

Hunger invented a security system; avarice perfected it.

A breech will screech.

Security has no surety.

Hacks prefer packs.