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Not dancing is a sin.

Dancing heals loneliness.

To misstep is better than to nonstep.

Those who never risk being awkward, never enjoy being graceful.

The world would be a better place if we all danced.

The dance floor is one of the few places in the world where a man is always right — or left.

The dance floor is the only place in the world where a man should treat a woman like a shopping cart.

To dance is to make ones soul a drum.

Dance is the public language of the soul.

Living, like dancing, is often awkward before it is graceful.

To dance or live is to  step on a few toes.

More women should dance; where else can they can get a man to be their picture frame?

Men should dance more; it affords such opportunity.

Dance with the stars; buy a telescope.

When we dance, we don’t fight, mostly.

Women were backward, men forward– on the old-fashioned dance floor.

There are fewer lonely dancers than lonely spectators.

The dance floor is a great place for couples to expand their floor plan without a home equity line of credit.

Some thing are best done alone, brushing your teeth, reading, snoring, not dancing.