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A flat screen can’t compete with a natural scene.

Treks to the bathroom keep us connected to wilderness.

Nature is theraputic– unless you have a sun stroke, freeze to death, or have your leg eaten off by a lion.

Wilderness must be preserved to appreciate civilization.

When the Jacaranda blooms, the earth blushes.

Go to the woods to discover beauty and simplity, but rub on tick and mosquito repellant first.

The romantic movement was defeated by the chigger.

Nature can’t be my mother; my mother stands upright, wears clothes and eats with a fork.

Redwoods absorb fog; great souls absorb truth.

The dodo, the Passenger Pigeon, the quagga — earth?

The solar wind blows, the arrora lights; the seer speaks, the mind brightens.

If you can’t visit the Grand Canyon, visit a rose petal.

A sunrise a day keeps the doctor at bay.

Before drawing conclusions about nature, remember it includes you.

Nature is a restaurant; the trick is to stay off the plate.

Hermit crabs, Pink Corydalis and Elfin Skimmers heal us of our penchant for gigantism.

When we call nature “creation “we acknowledge the signature at the bottom of the work.

Alaska, Brazil, South Africa — astonishment is a kind of therapy.

The TV set keeps us from the sunset.

Nature is uplifting, the way the shrike rips opens the finch and hangs it on the barbed wire fense and the crockodile drags the terrified water buffalo under the murky African stream and raises it up again — yikes!