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A civilized man abandons his car and finds the use of his feet again.

An overage of chromey bling; it’s for sure American.

The invention of the wheel was progress — until the invention of gasoline.

The modern car is a mobile bar.

A world of gas-powered cars may end the world.

Sheet metal is chiton for humans.

You are what you won’t drive.

In California, cars are clothes.

At some point we all want transportation that gets us there before we leave.

Slow bodies want fast cars.

A flashing, blurring, narrowing field — speed thrills just before it kills.

Touring is a tight suspension, a turbo charger and a turning road.

One we nix; alcohol, oil and gas don’t mix.

A navigation system is a back-seat driver minus the attitude.

Whenever I go out for a drive, someone in a little room, sends out a mass of mindless motorists to navigate themselves into my way.