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Greatness lies in going home with no medals and living like an Olympic champion.

Even participating in the Olympics is winning.

To win for yourself is good; for your people better; to inspire the world — best.

Gold is cold, but taut is hot.

You can lose weight just watching the Olympics — and running.

Gold medalists all wait train.

A positive attitude bests a positive test.

Starting leads to finishing.

One competes for glory, another to feed a family — and glory.

To have failed others and still believe in yourself is to defend your own gold.

Winning is training, passion and gift.

Mettle may win a medal, but love smelts a heart of gold.

When a double amputee runs in the Olympics we are all reminded to stop whining.

The greatest Olympian is the one who inspires the next generation the most.

The fastest man in the world is a moving target.

The Olympics are the world’s greatest sporting events, and a lot of showing off.

Life should be lived like an Olympic attempt– a sprint, a long jump, a hard landing and a cheer — no medal.