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A good proverb is like a good foot-bridge troll, short-statured, sturdy and armed with a vicious bite.

A properly placed proverb is like a perfectly executed murder — untruth taken out with one shot.

Proverbs galore are the ultimate bore.

Maturity is when your weight is at its maximum and you know the paremiological minimum.

Proverbs tell the truth, with a stutter.

Fewer words, more truth.

Wise sayings stab sense into a few psyches, but the masses die unwounded by the truths they repeat.

The difference between a wise-ass comment and a proverb is print.

One man’s adage is another man’s baggage.

He came; he sawed; he proverbed.

A proverb a page makes the writer a sage.

A wise proverb is an A+ cliché.

You can wax proverbial, trying on adverbial.

Proverbs are refrigerated truth.

Modern life is a fire hose of information, but sometimes we need only a sweet drop of truth.

As the hummingbird sips the honeysuckle, so the wise sip aphorisms.

Sometimes we need small to process large.

Axioms anvil the mundane into the sublime.