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When justice goes missing, few go looking.

The evening news tries a case, but it is the jury who decides the matter.

Justice is refrigerated by wise judgment.

Beauty may win a contest, but it cannot seduce justice.

In the courtroom, the boardroom and the backroom, fear and bias  kidnap the facts and justice go missing.

Nothing matters more than that we give injured ones a fair hearing.

When the world is hungry, justice feeds it.

The just man with an invisibility cloak will be yet be just when he is invisible.

Injustice is disarmed by forgiveness.

Generosity is the little sister of justice.

Crimes happen quickly; justice moves slowly.

The man who oppresses another must live with an oppressor — himself.

Justice has keen ears.

Nothing matters more than that we give injured ones a hearing.

A main charge we might bring against ourselves is that we have hidden from the very voices that we should have been listening to.

By peremptory challenge a lawyer rejects biased jurors, so the healthy mind rejects the misguided judgments of its enemies.

At the courthouse, experience may be seen as creating bias; but in the panel of everyday relationships, experience is honored; it is known to create empathy.