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People are prisms.

Thinking is a form of bioluminescence.

Leaves are the avatars of the sun.

Shadows — light’s children.

All ideas are planetary, lit from another source.

Jalousies limn light’s lean, long lines.

Hindsight needs memory’s light.

Books are batteries; they store light.

Each experience is light; it shines in our dreams at night.

Hope is the flashlight light we need in our thought-tents.

A theory is a flashlight; proven, it is the sun.

Light makes right not might.

The sunny side of life is always up.

Dance with the moon, hug the stars, kiss the sun, marry the light.

Four great things may be hidden: the sun, the moon, the stars and the truth.

Cheerfulness is a candle, enthusiasm a bonfire, hope the sun.

God took lessons from Vermeer — after providing him with materials.

Hold the hand of the child afraid of the dark and the adult afraid of the light.

Warmongers avoid light; peacemakers run into it.

Faith is a tiny boat in a thrashing sea sailing toward a shinning opening in a stormy sky.

The fire astounds, the sun amazes, but the truth — it bores us.