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The best aphrodisiac is loyalty!

The moral scold at night is cold.

Sex sells, but if you’re married it’s free  — kind of.

Sex wasn’t God’s idea; it was God’s inspired break from ideas.

Sex isn’t to be bragged about; it’s to be thankful for.

To thank God for inventing sex we could be moral.

Lust is the loneliest sin.

Two things are serious in life, birth and death; three things are hilariously so — a lasting marriage, happy children and good sex.

A few moments pleasure and a life of regret — sex with the wrong person.

Sex best second; rings best first.

Sexual sin isn’t worse than pride; both are cut from the same mold — hidden, habitual and harmful.

Beautiful things may find non-beautiful uses.

Sexual sin is judged harshly by the moralists because they are afraid of themselves.

Making sex the most important thing robs it of its real importance.

Sexual morality is love that knows when to keep its pants on.

Forgiveness trumps sexual judgment.

Those who moralize most about the dangers of sex are often those most disgraced by its misuse; all their judgment was a bed cover.