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To avoid verbally shooting up the place, check yourself at the door.

Practice an authentic, integrated, consistent identity with others, and to your own self be few.

Don’t stick yourself on stand or shelf.

Love your body; kiss your brain; hug yourself without refrain.

Marry your self; don’t divorce.

To understand others understand yourself.

A consistent self is mental health.

When I love you I love myself.

“No” yourself; “yes” someone else.

You are one of the neighbors Jesus taught you to love.

To thine own self be gentle.

Personhood, our neighbor’s good.

An entity is cured by a community, a community by an entity.

The acceptance of anonymity is the end of tyranny.

Independence at birth; community at death.

We are wired for not-alone.

Fulfillment is the credo of the rapacious libido.

A false self, a slammed door; a true self, an open soul.

At the end of myself is the beginning of you.