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It is the American creed to go it on your own; it is the American myth that this is possible.

Every living thing my kin.

Renewal is plural; the way forward is decked out in people.

Wag, wag, the wary bag.

Groups of people eating, talking and laughing are happy; if you want to be happy, get food and call people.

Seeing that none of us is smarter than all of us, it is good when each of us is close with many of us.

There are no little people, only small-minded views of people of different sizes and shapes.

When we open our hearts, they open their hearts; when we open our lives, they open their lives.

We court each other gently, by quietness.

Issues are nothing; people are everything.

The rugged, self-reliant, self-sustaining, independent hero is a myth; every soul on earth is held up every day by an army of cooks, tailors, builders, cleaners, healers, planters, haulers, fixers and protectors.

When people become a logistical problem we have forgotten we are family.

Steward uniqueness, especially in weakness

Be opposite with opposite, and in the end you’ll up the yup.

The deprived child will make a contrived adult.