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Choose your friends; your enemies will choose you.

Close friends survive distant moves.

More friends; more solutions.

Friends last for a season; this is for a single reason.

Keep your friends close; keep your wife closer.

Friends may hiss, enemies kiss.

Friendliness is next to godliness.

Best friends call when there is no one at all.

We make friends, but we carefully craft enemies.

Don’t fail to show hospitality, by this some have entertained demons unawares.

Be a chum; keep mum.

Disaster opens the door; good friends walk in.

A friend with proceeds is a friend indeed.

Compassion confers companions.

Keep your friends close, your family closer and your smart phone closest.

Show me your friends; I’ll show you some enemies.

Two are better than one, unless betrayal ends the fun.

As iron sharpens iron, so one tongue sharpens another.

A man without a single friend will set upon all other men.

Be a net; catch friends.

A friend attends the bitter end.

Friends come and go; children come and stay.

A book isn’t like a friend; it shuts up when you reach the end.

True friends are like cats; you can neglect them, they won’t make you pay later.

Renewing old friendships is like refinishing wood floors — the beauty shines again.

Devotedly practice the art of making new friends; every stage of life will be richer for it.

Acquaintances  pop on and off like leggos; friends grab on like ring-shank nails.

Good friends are like good food; eat up, go back for more.

Milk and honey; friends and money.

To make new friends — move.

Calm is found in relationships with people we don’t know well.