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Be a chum; keep mum.

Disaster opens the door; good friends walk in.

A friend with proceeds is a friend indeed.

Compassion confers companions.

Keep your friends close, your family closer and your smart phone closest.

Show me your friends; I’ll show you some enemies.

Two are better than one, unless betrayal ends the fun.

As iron sharpens iron, so one tongue sharpens another.

A man without a single friend will set upon all other men.

Be a net; catch friends.

A friend attends the bitter end.

Friends come and go; children come and stay.

A book isn’t like a friend; it shuts up when you reach the end.

True friends are like cats; you can neglect them, they won’t make you pay later.

Renewing old friendships is like refinishing wood floors — the beauty shines again.

Devotedly practice the art of making new friends; every stage of life will be richer for it.

Acquaintances  pop on and off like leggos; friends grab on like ring-shank nails.

Good friends are like good food; eat up, go back for more.

Milk and honey; friends and money.

To make new friends — move.

Calm is found in relationships with people we don’t know well.