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Underfoot beats over-the-top.

The goal of life is to do good not simply appear good.

Hidden good is good, good; we beg the lot of you to keep your clothes on.

Appearing in public is overrated; not appearing is over-hated.

Vanity knows no privacy.

Watch the call; miss the ball.

All organizations exist to prove something — that the founder is worthy of being loved.

Vanity is porn; it traffics in self-scorn.

Integrity lies in doing the right thing when no one is watching.

Fools go to a wedding to be seen; the wise go to eat someone else’s food.

In the exact moment of meeting, we decide the other’s  fate.

We blotch what we don’t watch.

Live, don’t merely appear.

You’ve begun, when you don’t tell what you’ve done.

When you stop caring how you look, please stay home for the sake of everyone else.