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Secrecy is snod and goo; honesty the zim, zam, zoo.

Mockify, scornificate but not when you are tête à tête.

One duff in your own cuff is worth two tuffs in someone else’s schmuff.

The summo-bonisto is the endo-con-entro of the ampho-de-electro.

There is no new bim, bam, bum underneath the sin, san, sun.

Beware the Jabberwock that talks with xauk, qauk, schmauk.

Ra is Jah, ha-fa-la and dah-dee-dah.

Distinctio-bufrificate before you date and crate a mate.

To cow a haughty brow or lowly sow is never papa-om-mow-mow.

Magic is poof, schmoof and goof the doof.

If snikted, forgikte.

Neologisms are just leggophemes snapped together with lingooftic syllomooftics.