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Long words tromp clumsily and maladroitly clomp; short words stomp.

Actions are louder words depend on the shouter.

Twisted words come from tangled thoughts.

“In a word …” is never one word.

Every play on words is work.

One word is worth a thousand vacation pictures.

Weigh words, diet; wise up, be quiet.

Keep your words close and your silences closer.

Words, words, the phonic fruit, the more eat, the more you toot.

There’s a way with words, and then there are words that have their way.

There is no final word, only a finalized mind.

Best, less.

Don’t speak a lot; go for the perfect bon mot.

What isn’t said lives in the head.

Verbal covers smoother others.

Deep currents run counter to the flow; we say one thing, the other direction go.

A knifing can’t be taken back; a verbal lashing leaves a track.

Compliment more; criticisms are winning.

Our experiences craft speeches we rarely give.

With every word sashay; the fun resides in what you say.

”Hi,” is inadequate; try “My-oh-my!”

Silence is a rich loam in which to grow a wise tome.

A cliche a day keeps reason away.

The young must learn to speak up, the old to shut up.

Generalizations gather; specifics tether.

Let there be conversation, continue creation.

Every wise word has a wise opposite.

Words stop tanks; tanks can’t stop words.

“I saw it with my own eyes,” is the beginning of a confusing explanation.