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Limits have summits.

A pleasure is ever close to a line.

Life’s limits lie in life’s cards.

We can’t take more; we do.

Reality tests the limits; vision expands them.

A limit is an invitation.

Within limits resides leisure.

No limits is a fiction.

The wise mind honors the limited body.

Speeds kills; so does inertia.

Limit me, I’ll exceed you.

Organizations set limits; individuals surpass them.

The body has a speed limit; the soul has an autobahn.

Exit through the ceiling, pierce the roof, blow a hole in the stratosphere.

Jealousy fashions a stop sign; love nurtures a steady green light.

Location is a limit; it is also an opportunity.

Limits create safety; they also stifle experimentation, innovation and creativity.

Titles have power, power has limits; limits have titles.

Your stated boundary is my chosen limit.

The concept of off limits is lost on the dim wits.

Those who think we are only limited by our minds should avoid 8,000 meter peaks.