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All good food should be honored with silence – for chewing.

God gave us food so we wouldn’t disbelieve in heaven.

Strong coffee; good talk.

A la mode is amour-propre.

Modern food science arrived at it’s addictive apogee with the invention of the french fry.

The high and holy liturgical tradition that drives the great church holidays is dinner.

Hunger divides; food unites.

An excess ruins what a dollop perfects.

Fried foods are the life of the party; they are also the death of the party goers.

Europe will do anything for good food; it traded smallpox for the tomato.

As the plague has dominated the world, so corn syrup rules the grocery store.

For the ancients to eat well it took a stick, a rock and a fire; moderns require a microwave, stove top, oven, cookware, flatware, utensils, garbage disposal, automatic dishwasher,  TV,  laptop, and a cooking show.

Gluttony is the deadly sin that kills the other six.