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Inspect before you elect.

Voting is wise guessing.

Politics an animal, the populace its teeth, election its muzzle.

Voting will increase when not voting becomes painful enough.

We elect what we like in ourselves; we impeach what we don’t.

Good public service is like good tennis — you serve within the lines.

A politician is like a pick pocket; you don’t know you’ve been had until their gone.

The idea of a Presidency was invented by the first tallest man.

What one must do to get elected usually disqualifies one from being elected.

To compare a campaign promise to a soap bubble is to gravely insult soap.

We vociferously condemn politicians for their immoralities because they have exposed our own.

Politicians — what we don’t know they won’t no.

Rejection by election beats correction by insurrection.

Going to the polls is like going to the mall — except you don’t get to try them on first.

Representative government exists because of laziness, class prejudice and the slowness of the horse.

Elections are magic shows where the rich fool the poor into thinking they are the same person.

The Vice Presidency is like the witness protection program — you disappear.

I know of nothing more hilarious, more entertaining while eating a hot dog, more reminiscent of  our apple-pied past, and yet more powerful in motivating me to set off on my evening stroll into fresh air, than watching the lies told by politicians about each other during a well-contested, televised  American national election.