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After men go insane, they imagine war is a solution.

The machine gun provided a new and horrific way to rip to pieces our own flesh and blood.

Force is sometimes necessary to stop force, but South Africa has shown us that there are alternatives to violence.

A thousand souls cannot dance on the head of a poppy nor can the human mind comprehend the loss of nine million men.

Whenever we begin to think that it is heroic to kill other people then we have fallen off the edge of reality’s cliff.

World War 11 was WW 1 badly resolved; a poor solution reprises a previous horror.

A madman should never be given an army.

When we use the word necessary and the word war together, we too often hide our eyes from the word understanding and  the word respecting.

What was imagined to be an afternoon’s sword fight transmogrified into a muddy, rat-filled, disease-infested trench war, so men ever under-estimate the demonic actualization of their addiction to violence.

World War 1 was a slow cook and a fast burn.

Horror over there is different than horror over here.

Nationalism is a form of self-hatred; it leads us to despise those who are just like us.

War museums lack the dead and so they understate the horror.

To sooth themselves the living try to make sense of the chaos of war by organizing war stuff on thin glass, level shelves and straight wall pegs.

There are choices; Monet painted water lilies while the world machine gunned itself to death.

War museums won’t stop us from doing it again.