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Girls mastermind their weddings; men mind their wedding’s master.

A wedding dress; girl frosting.

Bridesmaid’s dresses are designed so that there will be no ugly brides.

A man marries potential and lives with what he makes of her.

Couples over-spend on their weddings to protect their marriages — they’ll have to stay together forever to have any hope of paying off the debt.

The most beautiful decor at the wedding is the couple in the back who have been married for sixty years.

Waiting for the meal after the wedding is like waiting for the second coming; you know it will come but not the hour or the day

Wedlock, load — don’t shoot.

A judge presides over a marriage document, a pastor over a miracle.

At her first wedding the bride believes, at her second she hopes, at her third she hopes she believes.

To accept an invitation to a wedding is serious business; it is to agree to shorten your life by one day.

A flower girl is like a drunk; she may or may not make it down the aisle in a straight line.

God invented marriage to expose hate.

A wedding may hide a secret, what the family and friends really think of the choice.

At the father-daughter dance laughter and tears waltz.

A we-fell-in-love wedding is as weak as two people; an arranged marriage is as strong as two families.

Not ring nor vow nor priest solemnize marriage — only loyalty.

We marry before the ceremony and we divorce before the paperwork.

A wedding is kindling, marriage blazing fire.