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Girls mastermind their weddings; men mind their wedding’s master.

Bridesmaid’s dresses are designed to ensure there are no ugly brides.

Wedding debt is no safe bet.

Wedlock, load — don’t shoot.

A flower girl is like a drunk; she may or may not make it down the aisle.

At the father-daughter dance laughter and tears sway together.

Loyalty solemnizes marriage.

A wedding dress; girl frosting.

The most beautiful thing at a wedding is a couple in the back who have been married for sixty years.

Waiting for the meal after the wedding is like waiting for the second coming; you know it will come but not the hour or the day.

A we-fell-in-love wedding is as weak as two people; an arranged marriage is as strong as two families.

We marry before the ceremony; we divorce before the paperwork.

A wedding is kindling, marriage blazing fire.