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The most dangerous liars are those who think they are telling the truth.

Don’t forget to wash behind your years.

Jealousy is like an AK47 fired at a person who is looking the other way.

A plant with brown leaves and a person who will not help — the end of the cycle.

Don’t bad behavior on a good God.

The toxicity of resentment stunts the efficacy of rapprochement.

As the saprotrophs feed on the dead, so the hurt feed on old sores and decaying resentments.

Necrosis necrotizes.

Neither a problem borrower nor a problem lender be.

It is dysfunctionally supererogatory to spread your personal offence or to receive one.

Disclosure begets disclosure – mostly.

Open your heart’s hurt to a closed heart, and you will find yourself bleeding alone along the side of the road.

The best liars don’t know they are lying.

Please the whacked or you’ll be sacked.

Deny the people pleaser his fix; he will get in his licks.

The passively hostile smile then beguile.