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We hold fairs to remind us of who we are.

Fairs exist to give out ribbons — and take up cash.

At the fair pigs are named after politicians; this is demeaning to the pigs.

Blue ribbons define fairs — and ordinariness.

The craftsman and the novice both appear at the fair; they alone know that they are the same person.

The lama shaved at the fair is not diminished, neither is the world when divested of superiority.

The fine woodwork at the fair and a person turned from harmful ways — no price tag, inestimable value.

Young girls take their baby goats to the fair, so the world retains some innocence.

Hawksters require gawksters.

Fairs are for eating fun food — deep fried coffee, baked ice cream.

Fairs were created to bore animals, excite children and tire adults.