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Beware software that starts to swear.

Software is a sleeping giant; awakened — perhaps defiant.

Shareware gobbles greed; it inhales ego.

Software solves hard problems.

Soft wears the world.

0 and 1 are soft and fun.

Even soft wears.

Software crunches; the OS munches.

Soft — where?

The human brain runs software; the code is written by our interpretations of reality.

A stone is no K2; software is not consciousness.

Software thrives on innovation  — and thievery.

Software can’t fix a hard heart.

We are what we program.

Software is made out of math and smarts — and the arts.

1 and 0 make the world go.

Modern life is input, output, left foot, right foot.

Wiki’s not picky; it’s open and sticky.

Create amazing software; marry a visionary to an engineer.

When we digitalized symbols, we invented the future.

First we invented the imbecile, then we made it digital.